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Power Alex working in the field of heavy equipment trade and constructions since more than 20 years. We Can SELLING, BUYING, Storing, SHIPPING, DISMANTLING, CONTAINERIZING and REPAIR All kind of used construction Equipment….


Poweralex is highly rated and accredited by all our customer’s because of our quick and professional dismantling of Heavy construction equipment. We can handle any machine no matter size or condition by lowest cost. Our mission is make sure that every part of equipment for any customer professionally dismantled and containerized into containers. Our ability is to deliver your machine in the way and time you asked for


Poweralex, We stand ready to assist you with any request. Any machine you order for export is brought into our warehouse received and monitored for packaging and condition with exceptions noted, informing you of all details.

Any machine will professionally have packed into any size of containers as necessary, using stabilizing materials for secure shipment across the ocean.

All customs and other paperwork is professionally completed and forwarded to all parties you designate. We maintain communication at all points of departure and arrival to ensure a smooth transition and follow up

BUYING & SELLING Heavy Equipment & Parts

we buy & sell all type of Heavy equipment & Parts, if you wish to turn your equipment to cash all you need to do just a call, we aim to please the seller by offering our best price which suitable for heavy equipment specifications & meet seller satisfaction
We sell verity of Heavy equipment & parts with possibility to deliver it to you wherever you are worldwide

We specialize in the sale and purchase of heavy equipment parts; we can supply you with spare parts that you cannot find anywhere else


By Using Emphasis on the availability of safety standards. By providing a full team at the highest level of training, experience, talented, professional to care of your Equipment till you get it
We also supply heavy equipment and provide maintenance services in FL or any location around we can send our team to your location

Contact us now for a free quote on your project